MAMES profile


Artist. Formed in 2005 with a unit consisting of Shirakawa Kentaro and chami.

Activities from around the world from Japan. Express in contemporary art.

The name "MAME" means JAPANE · MINIMAL (a simple, sophisticated and functional work made in Japan),

Sophisticated silhouettes, the beauty of side-by-side arrangement, and the Japanese aesthetic sense of "pleasure" and "distortion" are mixed.


"IIIR" that expresses the art of MAMES that leads to any work.





Always face new challenges and face art.


At the Art Competition Grand Prix, which was continuously collected from all over the world worldwide in 2011, 2014 and 2015 Awarded from among over 1000 entries.


In sumigraphy, he is the president of the Japan Ink Painting Association, Yosui Matsui's Disciple.

Art and brand are developing globally including domestic and overseas.